Exclusive, Real-Time Baltimore MD Plumbing Leads Available

Are you a Baltimore MD plumbing company owner looking for a lot more new business?

We have an active plumbing campaign in Baltimore producing 1 – 3 customer calls per day (and growing), and we need a client to forward them to ASAP.

All leads are exclusive, real-time call transfers directly to the client phone number or sales department right from our advertising.

Our call tracking platform (see screenshot below) will provide all call details including phone number, time of call, call duration, call recordings, detailed reporting, etc.

Baltimore Plumbing Leads

Click to Enlarge Call Report Graph

You can view a call report graph for the entire month of May 2014 from the image to the right. As you can see, there were almost 40 calls produced in that time frame.

Our clients in other cities are converting the vast majority of calls into new business.

If you’ve already spent your ad budget for the next few months (or don’t have one), no problem. These leads put money in your pocket before you even pay for them, guaranteed!

To completely remove all risk, here’s what we can offer:

  • We can setup a no-obligation trial of the service for however long you need to determine lead quality and ROI (our Agreement can be cancelled at any time however—no long term contract requirements).
  • You’ll have access to the call recordings so you can determine if the calls are leading to appointments and jobs.
  • We can connect you with current clients/references who are very happy with the service.

Let’s face it… leads are the life blood—the fuel—of any business. If you don’t have quality leads—you don’t have customers—you don’t have a business!

Think you don’t need to market for customers? Think again. ALL the most recognized brands that exist today INCREASE their marketing during bad economic times. A trickle of referrals here and there won’t help you weather the storm, much less grow your business…

Jump on this NOW while it’s still available. Our leads are exclusive, so we only need one client, and as soon as we find one this opportunity will be gone.

As for lead pricing, you can see the FAQ page, and we’ll also discuss this when you contact us.

Lastly, take a look at our testimonials page to see for yourself what our clients think of our leads.

Call 800-422-1816 to reserve this exclusive, real-time Baltimore plumbing lead campaign while it lasts!

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