You Need a High Traffic Business Website

One of the most surprising things I’ve learned over the years generating thousands of pay per call prospect leads from this form is how many of you don’t even have a website.

Take a look at the image below showing a tiny segment of our prospect database, which is very consistent with our entire list. As you can see from the website column, at least half of you don’t have a site!

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Water and Flood Restoration Marketing Test Volunteer Needed

home flooding image

We’re looking for one (1) water damage restoration client whose interested in live pay per call leads through a new traffic/advertising source we’re developing.

If you’re a restoration business owner or operator who understands that consistent business growth requires consistent prospect calls and leads, and you are interested, please email us with the following information:

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Make Your Phone Greeting Sell

Service pro talking on the phone

A big part of our job is helping clients fix little holes in their businesses that, in many cases, have nothing to do with lead volume.

One lost opportunity I continually see clients suffer from is their phone answering greeting. The majority of new clients are completely missing the boat here.

Do you answer the phone and say: “hello”, or “service”, or “service department”, or any number of other uninspiring statements?

Not only do these weak phone greetings make prospects wonder if they reached the right place, they miss the chance to make a great first impression and establish compliance.

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Pay Per Call Trial Offer for December 2017

open for business sign

After closing our pay per call service to new clients for several months, we’re opening up again with a sweet offer…

For the month of December 2017 we’re offering what we call the “start small” trial for pay-per-call leads.

No set-up fees, no cancellation fees, no monthly fees, and no contracts!

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High converting home improvement leads

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