Many of our prospective clients are quite intrigued by our promise of real time, exclusive, high converting leads. But after learning about our pre-payment policy, they instantly dial back their interest level.

Even though we’ve attempted to clarify how different our service is from the large national home improvement lead companies throughout our services page and FAQ page, I’d like to greatly expand on this, along with how we completely eliminate all risk for new clients nonetheless.

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lead companiesAt least 90%+ of the home improvement service business owners who contact us have been fueling their business with only two forms of promotion—referrals (word of mouth), and purchased leads. Now, it’s widely accepted that word of mouth is the best form of marketing there is. Every business should be taking advantage of it. The drawback is that word of mouth and referrals have limited scaleability, which is why other activities need to be done, like buying leads…

However, as you undoubtedly know, most lead companies (and their leads) are extremely weak, as I’ve eluded to in our FAQ page—and that’s putting it nicely. Now, to be clear, I don’t own a home improvement service business and never have, so you may be wondering how I know this. Aside from hearing it from our lead gen prospects every day, the primary reason I know this is because I’ve seen the marketing these companies do to acquire their leads. And there’s no way these campaigns can result in good leads!

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Are you addressing your prospective customer’s true needs? If you run a small business, you may think this is a dumb question. Doesn’t every budding entrepreneur start their enterprise on the premise that a certain need is wide open in the marketplace, just waiting to be filled? And having developed the skills to serve this need over several years, success of epic proportions is just around the corner.. only a matter of time?

If only…

In today’s hyper-competitive, attention starved business world, businesses need to re-think their offerings and determine if their offers are laser targeted and serve the market’s true needs. In other words, they need to improve their positioning!

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