Common questions

What are Pay Per Call leads?

Pay per call leads are real-time, direct calls to you from consumers searching for local providers of your specific service. According to many studies, direct calls are up to ten times more responsive than form/email leads!

How do you produce your leads?

We use several online advertising and traffic sources that produce the best leads possible.. besides referrals.

What makes a lead qualified or unqualified?

We consider a lead qualified and billable when the prospect needs and expresses interest in the service you offer.

Unqualified leads include solicitations, wrong numbers, wrong service needed, follow up calls, etc, and we don’t charge for these.

How much do your leads cost?

On a “cost per lead” basis we are more expensive, but in terms of “cost per customer acquisition”, we are unmatched. This is because our exclusive, real-time calls produce much better conversions than shared email/form leads.

For an accurate price quote, simply complete our leads request form.

What are your billing terms?

For pay per call leads, we require a pre-paid deposit that goes towards leads. Then our system will invoice you when it’s time to replenish your account. For branded lead generation services we charge monthly in advance.

Which specific home services do you provide leads for?

See our service page to learn more about specific service leads. If your service speciality is not included, feel free to inquire by completing our leads request form.

How do I get started and what are the next steps?

To get started and reserve your service area, simply complete the leads request form. Once you’ve paid for leads and your account is activated, we develop a local online advertising campaign to produce customer calls.

Why are your leads better than other leads?

Most other companies sell the same lead to 5+ local contractors simultaneously. This greatly reduces conversions from leads to appointments and paying customers.

Most of our prospective clients are completely unsatisfied (to put it nicely) with the leads they purchase elsewhere. We offer exclusive, real-time calls from potential customers.

Why not just use a marketing company or service?

Most marketing companies only provide a single component of the lead generation process. This leaves you juggling several service providers for web design, website copy, traffic building, and much more.

This requires you to manage all these services, wondering if you’ll ever produce any calls! Our pay-per-call service delivers exactly what you need—targeted calls, customers and revenues.

Can I work with you if I’m already buying leads or marketing services?

Yes, our service is completely independent of your existing advertising and will simply increase your total call volume.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We use a performance based pricing model, so there’s no risk trying our service. We can guarantee that we’ll only bill you for targeted, qualified leads.

How do you track phone calls?

Our call tracking platform transfers real-time calls directly to your phone line and captures every detail about your prospects as soon as they’re connected! Details, such as: the caller’s name, phone number, time of call, city, and duration of the call.

All calls are recorded in our system and accessible from a client admin panel.

Do you require a long term contract?

No, but we require reasonable notice if you wish to cancel so we can find a new client in your area. As an exclusive lead provider, we only serve one client per service per area.

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