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Is your junk removal company desperately seeking exclusive, red hot job leads and better projects? Look no further. Here’s how we can help you to quickly grow your business without risk…

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Pay per call delivers results, not promises

Are you tired of buying junk removal leads that were sold to several local competitors, only to lose the job? Is your call to appointment close ratio getting smaller? Do you wonder why all of your prospects are uncommitted price shoppers?

Our exclusive pay per call service delivers high converting prospect calls that increase your appointments so you can land more customers, revenues and profits.

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Make more money

As a business owner, control is important. Maintaining control over each facet of the business seems a never-ending process. Many business owners prefer to keep the business small because they fear hiring the wrong employees. But successful business owners realize they need a team.

When you have us as your team, you can stop doing activities you don’t like to do, and focus on the things you do best—like servicing your customers.

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Do only the jobs you want

Our leads allow you to specify the service location and ideal projects. Don’t force yourself to take on low paying jobs, drive long distances, or deal with less than desirable customers just to keep your company afloat.  

Now you can make the best use of your time, money, and resources by spending your time doing the things that make you most productive, like serving your customers!

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Eliminate marketing risk

You’ve been burned by other junk removal marketing companies before, so we understand your skepticism.

That’s why we’ve eliminated any risk for you by putting the risk squarely on our backs and only charging for qualified, high intent calls. No longer will you have to wonder whether you’ll see any results from pest control advertising.

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Powerful call tracking

Our powerful call tracking system removes the mystery behind where your inbound calls are coming from. The intuitive and powerful platform collects all call details, including the phone number, name of the caller, time they called, the, and a recording of the call.

With such easy access to all of these customer data you can measure and improve your appointment setting and sales process!

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  • “I want to say great job. We got our first call which was booked into an appt for this Tuesday. Couldn’t have gone any better. I was in the shower when phone rang so I rushed out and called right away. No problems whatsoever. It’s for a full deck remodel. Doesn’t get any better than that. Now I need to do my job and give them what they want.”

    Derek Torcello — JWI Home Improvement
  • “My HVAC business has always relied on referrals and word of mouth, but this wasn’t consistent and I wanted to expand. I knew we had to eventually advertise or work with an outside marketing firm. After Chris came on board, we started getting calls within 3 weeks. After another month my business had tripled.”

    Cody — CS Heating and Air
  • “Good morning Chris – Thanks for all your help. Really you do a very good job. Sorry because in my side I have some holes that I need covered but it is a process, is difficult found people that know this job, but again is a process. Really I appreciate your help. Thanks again!”

    Elio Rodriguez — ER Rooter
  • “I have called 3 leads so far and set appointments for all 3. All for 4+ windows – Great job!!!!!”

    Joe Candido — Primo Home Improvements
  • “Chris – The call worked out well. Not sure if you noticed but when I asked the customer how he heard about us he told me that a friend had given him our number. So its great that you have the recording platform so we know for sure. We took care of the customer and look forward to the next call. Thanks for your help!”

    Mike Rogers — Masterflo Plumbing
  • “Glad to see calls coming over already! I have another location I would like to test with you if you are able – Palm Beach County, FL. Thoughts? Thanks!”

    Heather McLeod — Brand Manager, Mr. Rooter LLC

High quality junk removal customer calls

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