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Convert more leads to customers, revenues and profits.

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Does your pest control company need more high quality customer calls and jobs? We’re here to help you grow your business by delivering all of that and more…

Pay per call delivers results, not promises

builder on phoneAre you tired of buying pest control leads that are sold to you and several competitors, leaving you to compete for the same job? Do you struggle to book a new appointments? Does it seem like all your prospects are just uncommitted price shoppers?

Our pay per call service offers exclusive, high conversion rate prospect calls from consumers searching for pest control services. No more struggling to book appointments or dealing with horrible customers.

Quickly grow your revenues

cash flowIn order for your extermination company to grow, you need to have a team behind you. When you add us to your team, you’ll be able to increase profitability by spending less time on marketing and more time providing excellent service to your customers.

Cherry pick the best jobs

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With our exclusive pest control lead service you can specify the types of jobs and exact service area you require.

We help companies offering a wide range of extermination services, including termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, spiders, ticks, mosquitoes, bees and wasps, flies, rodents, wildlife, and much more.

Eliminate marketing risk

riskYou’ve been burned by other pest control marketing or lead providers in the past. That’s why we eliminate your risk by only charging for targeted, qualified calls that have high intent.

No more speculating on whether you’ll get targeted calls, appointments, and happy paying customers.

Powerful call tracking

tracking reportUsing our exclusive tracking platform you’ll have the name of every person who calls, along with their phone number, time of the call, and an audio recording of the call. No more wondering where your calls come from.

With all of these details you will never again miss critical information related to your appointments, and more importantly, you can accurately measure the performance of your appointment setting process.

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Drive more customers, revenues and profits with our exclusive, high converting inbound calls.

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