Make Your Phone Greeting Sell

A big part of our job is helping clients fix little holes in their businesses that, in many cases, have nothing to do with lead volume.

One lost opportunity I continually see clients suffer from is their phone answering greeting. The majority of new clients are completely missing the boat here.

Do you answer the phone and say: “hello”, or “service”, or “service department”, or any number of other uninspiring statements?

Not only do these weak phone greetings make prospects wonder if they reached the right place, they miss the chance to make a great first impression and establish compliance.

A great phone greeting won’t close the appointment, but it will yield a number of benefits, such as:

  • Assures prospects that they reached the right business to eliminate any back and forth about that
  • Makes a great impression so prospects immediately like and trust you
  • Increases your lead to appointment conversion rate
  • More appointments, customers and referrals

Here are two short videos that can help you greatly improve or replace your current phone greeting.

Your Phone Greeting

This is such an informative video, so please watch from start to finish. Pay close attention to the live phone answering samples toward the end fo the video—especially the responses of callers!

Note: This guy works with car dealerships, but the lessons apply to any home service vertical just as well.

Call Center or Receptionist Training

Please do NOT make the mistake of dismissing your phone greeting as a cheesy tactic or an unnecessary detail. It will dramatically impact your bottom line, both in the short-term and the long run.

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