It’s High Time We Made a Change! 🧐

Due to ever increasing business threats from Google and other ad platforms we use for generic (unbranded) ad campaigns, pay per call services are no longer feasible for us.

We have transitioned to a service based business model and no longer offer pay per call leads.

Warning for Lead Buyers

Pay per call lead services are under attack from all directions and if you rely on them, your business is at serious risk!

Road Blocks for Pay Per Call Providers

  • Small businesses are reporting our lead generation sites that have generic brands (in other words, they aren’t local business sites) to Google and getting them de-indexed!
  • New lead gen sites are taking 4 – 6 months or more to gain search rankings, traffic and leads—only to be reported by local business owners!
  • A physical location is now required for Google My Business (Maps) listings. Postal boxes and mail forwarding services no longer work for lead gen providers.
  • Google Ads call-lead campaigns now require a business name used for the campaign to match the business name used when the phone is answered. Translation: generic branding cannot be done without risking campaign or entire account suspension.
  • Lead sale profitability is eroding more and more every year.
  • Monitoring profitability on a lead to lead, day to day, week to week, month to month basis is requiring ever increasing amounts of our attention and has become untenable.
  • Many, many more…

If your business relies on purchased leads exclusively, start diversifying your lead sources now!

Bottom line, the game is coming to an end for pay per call and exclusive lead providers.

But Wait—Our Loss is Your Gain! 💥 🚀

We now help clients generate their own leads, offering powerful advantages over just purchasing leads:

  • Cut your lead costs in half while greatly improving lead quality, consistency and volume
  • Higher profit margins resulting from better sales positioning that reflects your unique business brand, identity, and people
  • Strong online visibility helps you build a recognized local brand, which produces leads and business from brand searches
  • Take control of your lead flow instead of treading water, relying on external lead companies
  • Increase the sustainability, profitability and most importantly, the growth rate of your business

In short, this eliminates all of the problems mentioned in the list of business risks above.

For a more detailed and sobering reality check, see my blog post below:
Stop Buying Leads and Produce Your Own Instead

At the very least, I encourage you to contact me for some ideas on how to grow your business along with a service quote.


Chris Henry

P.S. Here’s our latest client case study featuring the testimonial below:

My company had an existing web site but it failed to drive any traffic or leads for my construction business. I got in touch with Chris and he developed a new site that looks great and loads on any device super quick. The site is now producing leads for my company and I could not be happier with the result! I highly recommend Chris for your website and marketing needs!

~ Rick Ellefson, RTP Construction