Risk Free Trial Offer for Construction and Home Improvement Leads

trial offer for home improvement leadsAs mentioned in our earlier post discussing our pre-payment requirement for new clients, most of our construction and home improvement lead prospects desperately need high quality, exclusive, real-time leads. But many of them aren’t willing to pay in advance—we assume for budgetary reasons or perceived risk.

This is especially the case since the larger shared lead companies don’t have this requirement—primarily because when selling individual leads 4 – 5 or more times, they don’t need to pay very close attention to their advertising expenditures while continuing to make a ridiculous profit. That’s not possible with exclusive leads, which by definition are sold only once… hence our pre-payment policy.

So in order to accommodate more businesses, we’ve come up with a truly irresistible, cant-refuse offer that enables ANY business—no matter what size or service they offer—to try our contractor lead service at minimal risk. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the higher dollar luxury markets like remodeling and additions, window replacement, roofing, solar installation, painting, electrical, etc…or if you provide a more urgent need household service like appliance repair, plumbing, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), handyman services, carpet cleaning, water damage, other damage repair, and more—this offer is for you.

There’s absolutely no other way (that we know of) to access everything that goes into producing high converting leads at such minimal capital risk for your business.

Here are the details..

Low Cost Trial Leads Offer

For the minimal cost of only $500 paid in advance, we will send you real-time calls until your deposit is used up based on your lead costs. For instance, if our lead fee for your service is $50/lead, the trial will pay for 10 leads. If your lead fee is $250/lead, it will pay for 2 leads.

They will be exclusive, real-time calls to your phone number and we guarantee delivery. Afterward, you can decide to continue or cancel. If you continue, we’ll make a larger commitment to lead production in your market and produce as many as you want.

The reason we’re offering this trial is three fold.

  1. As mentioned above, we want to make our services available to a larger amount of businesses.
  2. We want to minimize new client risk and just prove our services, so that we can build more successful client relationships.
  3. Lastly, we’d like to get a feel for the responsiveness of your local market for the service(s) you offer before making larger expenditures on advertising.

We don’t make any profit from the initial trial since our setup and advertising costs eat up the whole amount, but point #3 above is how we benefit primarily.

To reserve this offer for your area and industry, complete the leads request form, or call 800-422-1816 right away.

This is a first come first served offer and we only work with one business per area per industry. So contact us immediately.

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